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Farming Heritage. Modern Nous.

As established and successful farmers we truly understand the complete production process. This experience and knowledge has allowed us to create our robust, all – encompassing services business. Brighann assists a myriad of Australian farmers, and supplies a number of Chinese mills with regular high quality cotton.

A Globally Connected Company

With teams in Australia, China and the USA, Brighann Team are pro-active in establishing and maintaining long standing relationships with farmers, wholesale importers and mills, which is a testament to our excellent track record in all our services.

Our trusted cotton professionals work tirelessly to secure timely market knowledge, ensuring all our information is up to date and accurate and being well prepared to enter mutually beneficial trading transactions.



Assisting Australian Cotton farmers across NSW and QLD.

We are located in the Gwydir and MacIntyre valleys and deal cotton farmers from the following areas; Murrumbidgee Valley, Lachlan Valley, Macquarie Valley, Namoi Valley, Gwydir Valley, MacIntyre Valley, Ballonne Valley, Darling Downs and Emerald.

American Cotton Farmers

Our office is located in Dallas Texas, and we deal mainly with growers from West Texas, Arizona, Eastern – Memphis, Orleans & Texas.

Shipping Capabilities

Via our Australian & USA Offices – the Brighann Chinese office enjoys the capability of offering continuous supply of cotton to buyers and end users throughout the calendar year.

Cotton growths offered – Australian, EMOT, West Texan and Arizona.


 The Seery Family

Immersed in the local cotton industry for over 35 years, the Seery family continue to hold a strong reputation across all their cotton services. We are aware of the challenges that today's farmers face and what matters most to them.

Philosophy and Values

We endeavour to create long lasting business relations with a focus on mutual respect and understanding. Our ideal operational size guarantees stability, which results in an excellent on-going track record with our farmers and mills.

Experienced Team

The Seery family have grown their team to include experienced cotton professionials, with permanent teams based in Australia, China and the USA.


Making a Difference to Cotton Farmers

Learn more about how Brighann Cotton assists Australian Cotton Famers.

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